Bella High Power Juice Extractor Review – An Affordable Luxury


Bella High Power Juice Extractor Review – An Affordable Luxury

Our Bella High Power Juice Extractor review process revealed this affordable 1000 watt machine to be one of the most economical centrifugal juicers out there. If you are on a budget, but looking to purchase a powerful and multipurpose machine, this particular make and model might just be the one for you.  In many respects, you can compare it with any first-rate centrifugal, even though you’ll be paying around 3 times less money.

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Obviously, there are some caveats also which we’ll discuss shortly, but first let’s get to know the basic details about this particular unit.
Oh and by the way, there is also a smaller, 700 watt version that’s even more affordable:
700 watt Bella

What’s contained in the package?

The design as well as workings of the device are pretty similar to the most admired Breville’s. Intended for juicing a wide range of fruits and veggies, this 13694 model is equipped with a powerful 1000 Watt motor. There are two different speeds to extract hard and soft fruits and vegetables efficiently – a trait lacking in even most of the upscale machines.

The High Power comes with a beautiful pitcher with splash free lid. It also has a wide feed tube to make your juicing venture less of a chore. Thanks to the dishwasher safe parts, it’s as easy to clean as most other centrifugals.

The machine looks amazing and works better than advertised. The only thing that’s less-than-perfect is its relatively weaker top, which we advice you to handle carefully.

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It’s not a $300 tool, so there are a few caveats. If you, however, follow the instructions provided by the vendor, you can enjoy delicious fresh produce for a long time.

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  • Affordable, yet highly efficient
  • Can process soft as well has hard produce
  • Comes with two different speed settings
  • Sports a very beautiful design
  • Features a wide feed chute to accept larger fruits/vegetables
  • The 1000 watt motor is ideal for extracting last drop of sap from the toughest roots


  • Has a rather fragile top
  • Some traces of produce might go to waste, but centrifugals generally have a lower yield than masticators or single gears

A summary of Amazon Reviews

Being a relatively new model, there is only handful reviews which have been posted so far. Most people are very pleased with the performance after using the juicer for a couple of months. They seem especially happy with the affordable price tag of such a powerful machine. Others are dissatisfied with the weak top, and relatively lower yield, but these issues can be countered if you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Where to buy the 1000 watt Bella 13694?

Bella High Power Juice Extractor b Bella High Power Juice Extractor Review – An Affordable LuxuryIf you want to enjoy homemade fresh and healthy drinks extracted from a variety of items, but also want to save a few extra bucks, this here 1000 watt is a great choice. However, if you frequently use your device and want a high yield every time, better invest in a heavy-duty juicer. To get yours at the lowest price,  just follow the link below and enjoy Amazon’s (limited time) discounted offer:

>>> Check price of Bella High Power at Amazon



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